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What is a transfer? How can I add and change a transfer?
What is a transfer? How can I add and change a transfer?
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You can use the transfers to move your balance from an account to another. For example, when you use the ATM, you will transfer your money from your Card to your Wallet, and the Card's balance will be decreased with $100 and the Wallet's balance will be increased with $100.

How to add a transfer?
Go to the Transfers page and select to add a transfer. If the transfer is recurrent (it regularly repeats), you can choose to add a recurrent transfer. Both actions take you to the form where you will fill in the account the money will be taken from, the account the money will be deposited to, the amount (if the accounts have different currencies, you can enter both amounts manually), the date for the transfer and additional details if needed (including tags for Pro accounts).

For recurrent transfers, you'll also need to select its frequency (weekly, monthly, yearly) and the way the transfer is processed: manual transfers will be presented to you and you manually process them, while automatic transfers are added automatically.

How to edit a transfer
To edit an existing transfer, go to the Transfers page and click the edit icon next to the transfer you want to edit, and you'll be taken to the edit form. To delete a transfer, click the trash icon next to the edit icon.

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