How to add, edit and pay bills?
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Bills are used to mark something that needs to be paid in the future, and its payments are expenses associated to it. A bill can have multiple payments until it is fully settled.

There are two types of bills:

  • one time bills

  • recurrent bills (monthly, weekly, etc.)

The recurrent bill automatically generates bills, grouped inside the recurrent bill, with a regular frequency and a recommended amount; the bills created by the recurrent bill are confirmed manually, so they require you to confirm the amount and due date for each bill generated (this is particularly useful for utilities subscription where the amount varies from a month to another).

To add a bill, you need to go to the Bills page and click the add button. The add bill form will allow you to add the description (the service provider for example), the category the payment-expense should be allocated to, the amount and currency, the account used for its payment and notes.

For recurrent bills you'll need to select its frequency, the day it is issued on, the number of days it's due in and the date of the first issuing.

To editing or delete a bill, access it through its group from the Bills page or through the one time bills page, and click the edit or delete button next to it. To edit/delete a recurrence, access it from the bills page and click on Edit.

To pay a bill, click the pay button next to the due bill on the Dashboard or from the Bills page.

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