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How to add an income or recurring income?
How to add an income or recurring income?
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Adding an income is very easy: click on the green "+ Income" button from the right bar, visible on any page, and fill in the income form with the amount, currency, description, date and optionally a note with additional detais. You can also add an income with a date in the future, and it will be added automatically on that date. Incomes can also be managed and added from the Incomes page in the main menu.

If the income is a repeating one, you can add a recurrent income from the Incomes page. The recurring income allows you to define the default amount for the income, the description that helps you identify it, the account the income is deposited to by default and the frequency of the income. Incomes can be set to be processed automatically or manually; manually processed incomes, will display a notification on the dashboard that allows you to confirm the income. Manual processing is ideal when there are variations to the amount or date of the income.

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